Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl

Native Americans once told of a mysterious natural healing spring in the Arkansas Ozarks. Spanish explorers scoured this area seeking the elusive "Fountain of Youth". And in the 19th century, the town of Eureka Springs with its amazing healing springs grew to be a world-renowned Victorian health resort. Partaking freely of the water, scores of visitors regained health and vitality, apparently cured of their many ills. From blindness to baldness, from piles to paralysis, the curative power of pure Ozark spring water and fresh mountain air seemed to know no limits. But it never raised the dead...UNTIL NOW.

Upcoming Events:

Zombie makeup and fake blood is all the rage on the evening of Saturday, October 27, 2018, when Eureka Springs experiences its 7TH Annual Zombie Crawl. A creeping parade procession of funeral hearses, doomsday vehicles, Halloween floats, and post-mortem street performers will lead the hungry horde of the undead down historic Spring Street, from the Public Library to the Basin Park. Bring your kids (and your brains) downtown for some frightening family fun from the sidelines, or join the crawl yourselves! The event is free, and locals and visitors alike are invited to dress up and join the procession of undead revelers. Need help getting dead and ready? Makeup artists will be available in the Basin Park before the parade begins to assist the dearly departed with their new look.

Brains and fake blood not your thing? Zombie hunters are also needed to help organize the horde. Or cruise the loop in your ghastly "grim ride", build a freaky Halloween float, or perform a scary street act! There is no charge to participate. Zombies and other parade participants are only asked to each bring two (or more) cans of food to benefit the Flint Street Food Bank.

To participate in the parade or zombie crawl, please review our Parade Guide and Zombie Crawl Frequently Asked Questions.

Did you know? There's more to Halloween in Eureka Springs than just the Zombie Crawl! From traditional small town trick-or-treating, to creepy ghost tours, haunting theatrical experiences, and a a self-guided Tour of Halloween Homes, Eureka Springs has much to offer travelers yearning for a taste of the macabre for this Halloween! For a schedule of activities and events, please visit Eureka Springs Halloween!

A Benefit for the Flint Street Food Bank
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NWA Hauntours Kikomics
Sytnathotep Melonlight Dance
Sacred Earth Gallery Testube

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Eureka Springs Zombie Invasion - Schedule of Upcoming Events:

2018 Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl
When: Saturday, October 27, 2018
Time: Line-up at 5:00pm, Parade starts at 6:30pm
Where: Starts at Eureka Springs Public Library
194 Spring St., Eureka Springs, AR
Ends at Basin Spring Park map
Cost: Two cans of food per person.
The 7TH ANNUAL Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl will begin its slow descent in front of the Public Library on Spring Street. A creeping parade procession of funeral hearses, doomsday vehicles, and post-mortem street performers will lead the hungry horde of the undead. MORE INFO COMING SOON!

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us for more info.

Zombie Walk in Downtown Eureka Springs, AR
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