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Interested in being a zombie walker, street performer, or driving your grim ride or parade float in the Zombie Crawl? Check out our parade participant guidelines and frequently asked questions below.
What's more exciting than watching thousands of zombies shuffle through the street of downtown Eureka Springs? Here you can find information for Spectators of the annual Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl!
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Frequently Asked Questions
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General Information:

What exactly is a "zombie crawl"?

Zombie Crawl in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas
A zombie crawl (sometimes called a zombie walk, zombie parade, zombie shuffle, etc.) is a fun social experience in which a large group of people dresses up like zombies and "creep" from one part of a town to another.

The Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl parade also features street performers, scary parade floats, grim rides, and post-apocalyptic vehicles. This is a family-friendly event, not a bar-hopping zombie pub crawl. In our case, it is also a canned food drive for our local food bank.

What does the event cost?

The Zombie Crawl is a canned food drive, and each participant must bring two cans of food.

The Stranger Springs official after-party is a 21+ separately ticketed event and tickets can be purchased online.

Where can we buy canned food to donate for the event?

We recommened getting your canned food from our local Hart's Grocery Store or The Eureka Market on HWY 62.

When does it start and when should we arrive?

This is the single largest event in Eureka Springs, drawing thousands of people to town. Parking downtown can be a challenge. We recommend driving in early Saturday morning or staying the night on Friday before the event. The parade begins at 6pm on Saturday.

Is this really a family-friendly event?

little zombie at the parade kids ready for the zombie parade
Yes! We strive for this to be an enjoyable experience for all ages, and we welcome the entire family to participate and/or watch the spectacle. We have been organizing this event for nearly ten years, and many return visitors consider this to be an annual family tradition. That being said, younger children may be frightened by some of the costumes and special effects. You know your kids best...if they can handle it, please bring them!

Where should we park for the event?

If you're staying in town, ask about reserved guest parking. Downtown parking is limited. An all-day trolley pass to get in/out/around town is only $6.

Warning: If you wait to arrive until 4pm or 5pm on Saturday for the parade, you WILL have trouble finding parking downtown. Please give yourself lots of extra time.

What is the parade route for the Zombie Crawl?

The Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl starts at the Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library (194 Spring Street) and crawls through Downtown Eureka Springs along Spring Street, passing in front of the Basin Park and ending on Main Street (HWY 23) by the Downtown Trolley Depot (60 S Main Street).

What are some of the best parade viewing locations?

The most popular viewing locations are at Basin Park, Pendergrass Corner (near Zarks Gallery), and near the Post Office. These areas fill up quickly with spectators waiting for the Zombie Crawl, with some of them arriving two or three hours early to save their spot. However, any location along the parade route provides an intimate street level view of the event. Those staying in the historic hotels and other lodging establishments along the parade route should ask about available balcony level viewing.

Parade Participants:

Where do I register for the parade?

Zombies registering for Zombie Crawl
Register in front of the Eureka Springs Public Library at 194 Spring Street startying at 4pm (for walkers), or at the ES Community Center at 44 Kingshighway between 4pm to 5pm (for vehicles and floats).

Who can be a zombie in the parade?

Happy zombies in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Anyone! We are proud to be one of the first parades in Eureka Springs to invite visitors be part of the spectacle, not just watch! We welcome the entire family to dress up and join the horde. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times to participate, and anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian register them before the event. Be sure to check out our special Zombie 101 guide for how-to advice on zombie makeup and clothing, and helpful acting guidelines on staying in character.

Can I be a zombie hunter instead?

Yes! We will need lots of zombie "hunters", as well. Zombie hunters walk the sidelines and bring up the rear of the crawl, and are expected to dress accordingly - gas masks, combat boots, army fatigues or SWAT tactical clothing are appropriate. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED.

Are pets allowed in the parade?

Walking the Dead Dog
Yes! Well behaved pets on a leash are allowed in the Zombie Crawl. Please get in touch with the local Krewe of Barkus for more information!

How do I make myself look like a zombie?

Check out our Zombie 101 tutorials for basic zombie makeup and character guidelines. You can pick up Halloween makeup at our local Dollar General or the Wal-Mart in Berryville (about ten miles east of Eureka Springs).

What rules are in place for participants?

Reach, but don't touch!
We prohibit any acts of vandalism, littering, intimidation, harassment, trespassing on private property, public intoxication and/or drug use. And above all, the Zombie Crawl is considered a NO CONTACT event and all participants are prohibited from touching other people and/or their property.


Strict rules prohibiting profanity, violence, and lewd behavior are also in place, and we have strong on-site support from the Eureka Springs Police Department. These rules apply to all zombies, zombie hunters, volunteers, and any other event participants and spectators. Please play nice, and help us to make this a safe and happy event for everyone.

Can we drive a vehicle or float in the parade?

Grim rides in the Zombie Crawl in Eureka Springs
Yes! All zombie-themed vehicles are welcome to join the parade, including funeral hearses, ambulances, bug-out vehicles and "doomsday" cars, Mad Max-style junkyard creations, military and armored vehicles, and scary looking rat rods. Maybe you want to decorate the family minivan to look like a giant brain on wheels. Go for it! Drivers must be 18 or older with a valid driver's license and current insurance policy. Vehicles and floats must register and line-up at the Eureka Springs Community Center. We recommend arriving 1-2 hours before the parade starts.

Can I be a street performer in the parade?

Ghoulish dancers in Eureka Springs Zombie Parade
Yes! We welcome all morbid minstrels and troubadours, post-mortem mimes and magicians, ghoulish flowergirls, balloon-twisting beasties, creepy clowns and contortionists, undead unicyclists, jinxed jugglers, skeleton skaters, bubble-blowing banshees, whistling wraiths, stilt-walking spectres, macabre mariachis, and hellacious hula girls! Eureka Springs has always been known as "the town where misfits fit", and this parade is for you!

Can our marching band be in the parade?

Undead Marching Band Getting Ready for parade
Yes! Nothing quite says "parade" as much as a marching band, and nothing pays homage to Zombie Culture as much as...well...the dead. So break out the zombie makeup and detune those instruments for your most haunting rendition of Thriller or the Addams Family theme song. Feel free to march a little slower than usual. It's to be expected, what with rigor mortis setting in.

Other Halloween-themed music groups are also invited to participate in the parade, including brass bands, stringed quartets, and tribal voodoo drummers.

What type of parade floats are allowed in the Zombie Crawl?

Parade float in Zombie Crawl
Floats should display Halloween, Zombie, or Post-Apocalyptic themes. In the past, we've had floats that are truck, mule, ORV, flatbed and trailer-based, as well as decorated boats. From a design standpoint, your float can be as simple or complicated as you like. However, thinly disguised flat-bed trailers with a huge business sign advertisement with no theming aren't going to suffice.

Can we advertise our club, group, or business during the parade?

Vehicles are welcome to include magnetic door signs advertising their car club or website. Businesses that build a parade float may advertise their business name, provided that the "float" is more than just a flatbed trailer with a billboard. Ultimately, we want this to be a dazzling and family-friendly Zombie and Halloween themed parade, not a rolling display of billboards.

Can we play music from our parade vehicle or float?

We may allow some music and/or sound effects to be played from vehicles or floats, provided that the music is appropriately themed and will not overpower adjacent marching bands or street musicians. We will do our best to accommodate those who want to play their own background music for their float or vehicle, but we cannot have every single vehicle playing loud music.

Where should parade participants park?

Nightmares in parking in Eureka Springs
If you are staying somewhere downtown, ask your lodging about reserved off-street parking. Although hilly, much of downtown is walkable and in most cases it is easier to leave your car parked where you are staying, and then walk or ride the trolley to the Public Library, where the parade starts. If you are staying in a hotel or motel on HWY 62, we recommend leaving your vehicle there and taking the Eureka Springs Trolley into town. The Trolleys are our public transportation (buses), and an all-day pass is only $6.

If you are not staying overnight, you will need to arrive early if you want to park in town. If you wait until 4pm or 5pm to try and drive into town, you WILL NOT find parking. This event is HUGE and the parking lots downtown fill up by the early afternoon.

Where do we line-up and sign-in for the parade?

Zombies, marching bands, street performers, and other walking participants will assemble in front of the Public Library at 194 Spring Street with the horde of zombies. The Zombie Crawl Parade starts at 6pm.

All vehicles and floats will line up in the parking lot of the new Eureka Springs Community Center (old High School) at 44 Kingshighway, off HWY 62, across from the Inn of the Ozarks. Arrive by 4pm to enter your vehicle or float in the parade.

Planning Your Visit:

Where should we stay and when should we book?

Zombies on the balcony in Eureka Springs
Book your lodging as soon as possible! Eureka Springs has an immense selection of different lodging choices, but they fill up fast for this event. There are several historic inns and hotels along the parade route, including the New Orleans Hotel, Palace Hotel, Basin Park Hotel, and All Seasons Inn. When booking, ask about off-street parking and special balcony viewing options for the Zombie Crawl. Cottages and B&B's near the Public Library (where the parade starts) are also a good choice. Whether or not you are staying downtown, ask your lodging where the nearest trolley stop is located.

TIP: If you're concerned about traffic and parking, using the public transit Trolley to get around town is easy and affordable. Trolley passes are only $6 for all day.

Additional Event Information:

How can I become an event sponsor or volunteer?

Smiling zombie
The Zombie Crawl attracts thousands of participants and spectators each year. An event of this magnitude requires extensive funding, planning and preparation, and we need all the help we can get.
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Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl

Street performers in the Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl

Families and groups love to dress up for the annual zombie event!

Bring your little ones for frightening family fun!

Grim ride in the Zombie parade in Eureka Springs

Post-apocalyptic vehicles are all the rage!

Eureka Springs is for lovers...of Halloween.

Zombie marching band in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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