Give a Zombie a Hand!

The undead may never have walked again without help from these amazing sponsors! All of these businesses, individuals, and performers have donated their time, effort, and resources to make the Zombie Crawl happen this year. We're always in need of donated services and goods to be given out as prizes to our zombie participants. Businesses may also become partners by offering a special discount or price to our parade participants. To add your business to the list, please contact us, and let us know how you'd like to help!

This year's Zombie Crawl sponsors include...

Golden Ghoul Sponsors

Our most generous sponsors earn themselves a position at the top of this page, as they do the most to help us keep this crazy spectacle going! With their assistance, we are able to make the Zombie Crawl all that it can be...and more. From the bottom of our cold, dead hearts, we hope you will help us to thank these special people by giving them your business.

Local Flavor Local Flavor Cafe
From the very beginning, the warm-hearted folks at Local Flavor have been dedicated supporters of all of our creative ventures, including Zombie Tag, the "Fans Awaken" Star Wars themed convention, and of course our annual Zombie Crawl. Located in the heart of Downtown Eureka Springs, Local Flavor Cafe is an award-winning destination for culinary perfection. Featuring an extensive wine list and creative dishes with only the freshest ingredients, this eclectic cafe has a well established reputation as a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Tell them the zombies sent ya!

Joyce and Eric Knowles Joyce and Eric Knowles
Proving that our Halloween-related events are not only good for business, but also a frightfully good time for locals, we are honored to include Joyce and Eric Knowles as private citizen "Golden Ghoul" sponsors. Those who live in town know the Knowles as champions of citizen justice, tirelessly striving for an "all inclusive" government and access for the disabled. In our case, they've extended their philanthropy to support those unfortunate souls without even a pulse - zombies! ( Photo by Richard Quick! )

Aquarius Taqueria Aquarius Taqueria
When we first heard that a new restaurant was opening in Eureka Springs offering affordable street tacos, we were some of their first customers. And we've been eating there regularly ever since! Featuring handmade tortillas, gluten free meals, unique fruit cocktails made from real fruit juice, and a colorful patio that plays host to live salsa dancing on every other summer Thursday, we're thrilled to add Aquarius Taqueria to our roster of "Golden Ghoul" sponsors. From one flesh-eating zombie to another...their carnitas tacos are to die for!

» Contact Us to learn how your business can also help with this year's Zombie Crawl!

Silver Spirit Sponsors

Do you believe in zombies? These sponsors certainly do, and we sincerely appreciate their faith in our event!

» Contact Us to learn how your business can also help with this year's Zombie Crawl!

Additional Event Partners

Groves Karate Groves Karate
Since our earliest zombie events, the kind-hearted folks behind Groves Karate have been strong supporters of all of our projects. From providing awesome donated prizes like samurai swords, to offering actual boots-on-the-ground volunteer work, if you've enjoyed Zombie Tag or the Zombie Crawl, you've benefitted from the valuable input and assistance of Groves Karate as much as we have. Awesome people, and a great place to learn self-defense and grow confidence!

Sacred Earth Gallery Sacred Earth Gallery
Conveniently located on HWY 62 adjacent to the Eureka Springs School of the Arts, the Sacred Earth Gallery is an oasis of fine art and photography. Edward Robison filmed and produced the excellent Eureka Springs Zombie Commercial and 2013 Zombie Tag Promotional Video, and has been an invaluable source for printing large scale posters and banners!

Sytnathotep Sytnathotep
Forget about those cheesy plastic gravestones from Wally World! If you're looking for the scariest props and effects for this Halloween season, you owe it to yourself (and your horde of undead) to check out the mad skills of Sytnathotep! David is the master craftsman behind our zombie trophies at the Zombie Tag and Scavenger Hunt events, and has been an invaluable source of inspiration and assistance for the crawl. He's also an amazing 3D graphic designer. Don't be surprised if you see David's work in your favorite Hollywood Horror blockbuster at some point in the near future - yes, he's that good!

Kikomics Kikomics
Lending credence to the "it's a small world" theory, in 2013, I was contacted by a young man in Brazil named Kiko Garcia. He was interested in providing illustrations for some of our zombie posters and flyers. Wondering how a comic artist from Brazil discovered a town of 2,000 people deep in the Arkansas Ozarks, he quickly explained that he had spent time here as a foreign exchange student. He loved the idea of contributing to our zombie festivities. As a result, the zombies earned a new friend and supporter with an amazing set of skills, and our posters were enhanced with excellent, original undead illustrations. You can now view (and purchase framed prints of) all of our zombie event posters, including those featuring Kiko's illustrations. And while you're at it, be sure to immerse yourself in the amazing world of Kikomics!

Melonlight Dance Studio Melonlight Dance
Although new to Eureka Springs, the professional dancers and flash mobsters of Melonlight Dance Studio are not new to Zombie-themed performance art, having choreographed exclusive Zombie Performances and Flash Mobs in the Denver area before relocating to the Ozarks. The Melonlight professionals have performed at several of our Zombie themed events, and have also hosted the Dance of the Dead after-party. Melonlight offers private lessons, group classes, and some very creative projects like the Zombie Flash Mob. They specialize in ballroom, Latin, swing, tango, modern, and fusion for all ages. This year, they will be teaching a FREE Thriller dance workshop in Basin Park from noon to 2pm on the day of the Zombie Crawl!

Testube Testube
Zombie-themed music and deejaying for all of our events is provided by local electronic musician Testube. Jeff Danos has been crafting experimental electronic music since 1994, fusing atypical electro, retro, techno, industrial, glitch, and ambient textures into complex cohesive compositions. Which is a complicated way of saying that he makes weird electronic music somehow more palatable and dance-worthy.

Underground Eureka Springs Underground Eureka Springs
Everything you always wanted to know about Eureka's seedy underbelly, but were afraid to ask! The Underground Eureka website offers an exciting glimpse at the history and mysteries hiding below the city's streets.

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