Zombie Crawl Parade Information

We've got a parade permit, and we're not afraid to use it! To help make this parade a memorable event, we're calling for Zombie and Halloween themed vehicles, floats, and participants. This will be a great opportunity for niche market exposure during one of Eureka's busiest tourist weekends. Please take a look at some of the ideas and frequently asked questions below, and get in touch if you'd like to participate.

Date: October 26, 2019 - 6pm

This page is for vehicle owners, marching bands, street performers, and groups interested in building a float for the parade.

Prefer to be a zombie in the zombie crawl?
Please click here for the Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl F.A.Q..

Hearses, Doom Buggies, and "Bug-Out" Vehicles

Hearses and Bug-Out VehiclesAll zombie-themed vehicles are welcome to join the parade, including funeral hearses, ambulances, bug-out vehicles and "doomsday" cars, Mad Max-style junkyard creations, military and armored vehicles, and scary looking rat rods. Maybe you want to decorate the family minivan to look like a giant brain on wheels. Go for it! If you've got another type of vehicle that you feel would be appropriate, let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spooktacular Street Performers

Spooktacular Street PerformersCalling all morbid minstrels and troubadours, acrobatic apparitions, post-mortem mimes and magicians, ghoulish flowergirls, balloon-twisting beasties, creepy clowns and contortionists, doomed dancers, undead unicyclists, jinxed jugglers, skeleton skaters, bubble-blowing banshees, whistling wraiths, sword-swallowers, stilt-walking spectres, macabre mariachis, and hellacious hula girls! Eureka Springs has always been known as "the town where misfits fit", and this parade is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Zombie Marching Bands

Zombie Marching BandsNothing quite says "parade" as much as a marching band, and nothing pays homage to Zombie Culture as much as...well...the dead. So break out the zombie makeup and tune up those instruments for your best rendition of Thriller or the Addams Family theme song. Feel free to march a little slower than usual. It's to be expected, what with rigor mortis setting in. Other Halloween-themed music groups are also invited to participate in the parade, including brass bands, stringed quartets, and tribal voodoo drummers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zombie Crawl Parade - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Eureka Springs and what can we expect if we visit?
Eureka Springs is a hip and historic Victorian-era village located in the colorful Northwest Arkansas Ozarks. The town was founded around natural healing springs, and was a world-renowned health resort in the late 19th century. By the 1930's the town began to establish itself as a creative mecca for artists, writers, and musicians. The artistic community was further bolstered by the counterculture movement of the 1960's and 1970's, and today the "town where misfits fit" plays host to up to a million visitors each year. Narrow, serpentine streets seem to wander the hills with little rhyme or reason, and haunted historic buildings feature multiple street addresses due to their ridiculously steep elevations, lending Eureka Springs the nickname "Little Switzerland". Historic lodging, fine dining, and eclectic boutique shopping are complimented by nearby Lake Leatherwood and Beaver Lake outdoor recreation areas, and the new Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville is less than an hour away.
Click here for a more in-depth look at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
Why should we make the trip to Eureka Springs to be in the parade?
Because you'll have fun! With its unique mix of history, mystery, entertainment, and outdoor activities, Eureka Springs offers visitors a chance to escape the status quo. Move at your own pace and be as active or relaxed as you wish. Plus, the Annual Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for exposure and networking during our busiest time of the year. And as if that wasn't enough, it's for a good cause - benefitting the food bank.
Can we advertise our club, group, website, or business during the parade?
Vehicles are welcome to carry small magnetic signs advertising their car club or website. By "small", we mean something that may cover a car door below the window, not something spewed across the entire side of the vehicle. Vehicles that have similarly themed advertisements (i.e. Halloween businesses, or with zombie images) would be an exception. Street performers are welcome to carry a banner or sign advertising their trade, provided that the sign or banner can be carried by one or two people. Flyers, business cards, and coupons can be distributed to parade watchers, provided that the distribution of these items does not slow down the parade, and the content within these items is non-discriminatory and appropriate for all ages. Ultimately, we want this to be a family-friendly Zombie or Halloween themed parade, not a rolling display of flashy billboards. Please contact us if you have any questions.
What kind of parade floats can we make for inclusion in the Zombie Crawl?
Floats should display Halloween, Zombie, or Post-Apocalyptic themes. We are asking any float-makers to please give us a description of your proposed float prior to the parade, along with any sketches you may have. Basically, we are requiring that all floats be theme-appropriate. From a design standpoint, your float can be as simple or complicated as you like. However, thinly disguised flat-bed trailers with a huge business sign advertisement aren't going to suffice.
Can we play sound effects or music from our vehicle or float during the parade?
Sound effects will probably be easier to accommodate than music, assuming that they are sporadic in nature (no constant wall of sound), and not too loud. We may also be able to allow *some* music to be played from vehicles or floats, provided that the music is appropriately themed and will not overpower adjacent marching bands or street musicians. We will do our best to accommodate those who want to play their own background music for their float or vehicle, but we cannot have every single vehicle playing loud music. Please contact us in advance if you would like to play music or sound effects from your vehicle or float.
Where should we stay during our visit?
This depends on several factors. There are lots of different types of lodging choices, from traditional chain hotels to bed & breakfasts and cabin rentals. Those arriving with hearses and other oversized vehicles will do best to check out the larger hotels, motels, and campgrounds along HWY 23 and HWY 62 (Van Buren Street), which are more likely to be able to accommodate your parking needs. Many of the B&B's in town are very limited with parking space, and fill up early for the fall. Be sure to make your reservations as soon as possible to ensure that you can find a room.
What if we're on a budget? Hearses burn a lot of gas!
You can save lots of cash by finding a hotel room with a small kitchenette, and preparing your own meals with food from the local Harts grocery store. Camping fees are quite a bit cheaper than hotel rates, and many local campgrounds feature extended RV parking spaces that should be adequate for hearses. Or if you want to go super-thrifty, and your coffin is comfy enough, there's a Wal-Mart store in Berryville (approximately 12 miles east of Eureka Springs) that allows overnight parking. I'm sort-of a penny-pinching tightwad myself, and know what's it's like to have to travel on a limited budget. None-the-less, we hope you can make it out!
Where do we meet up for the day of the parade?
All vehicles and floats will line up in the parking lot of the new Eureka Springs Community Center (old High School) at 44 Kings Hwy, just off HWY 62. Arrive by 5pm to enter your vehicle or float in this year's contest. We will award custom-made trophies at approximately 5:30pm to the Best Float and Best Vehicle! Click here for a map to the Community Center.

Marching bands, performers, and other walking participants can assemble in front of the public library at 194 Spring Street with the horde of zombies. Arrive early to find a parking spot downtown, or park at the Planer Hill Park and Ride and take the trolley!
And there you have it! We hope you can make it out!
Any more questions?
Feel free to send us a message.
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