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You're a zombie, and you like being a zombie, so why not wear your heart (or your brain) on your sleeve? Your purchase of these frightening fashions helps to fund our zombie events - things like insurance, venue rental, permits, blood, etc. So get your fright on!

Eureka Springs Zombie T-Shirts

Zombie Shirt Zombie 'I BRAIN ES' T-Shirt Example Our "I «Brain» ES" shirts are a throwback to the popular "I «heart» NY" campaign from the seventies, but with their own Eureka twist! Online payments are processed securely by Paypal, and you don't need an account to order.

SALE: Only $10 with FREE shipping!

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Eureka Springs Zombie Posters and Art

SOLD OUT: 2012 Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl T-Shirts

Zombie Shirt Zombie T-Shirt Example We have SOLD OUT of our 2012 Zombie t-shirts with special Glow-in-the-Dark ink. Sorry!

Zombie Walk in Downtown Eureka Springs, AR
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